About Us

HPS Software Solutions Inc, a global IT consulting and product engineering services provider, offers technology solutions that help our clients address complex business challenges and transform their business for growth. Our key focus areas are Product Engineering, Analytics, Cloud and Enterprise services.

We believe that our success is built on the success of our clients, and we do what it takes to give our clients a sustained competitive edge through value and innovation. By formalizing our experience into innovative tools and frameworks, we help our customers accelerate time-to-market, improve the quality of products and reduce costs. Our unique culture promotes excellence and drives innovation through trust, pride and teamwork.

Flexibility is essential for companies desiring to achieve success in today's rapidly changing, increasingly global business environment.

As a product development organization, we tap into our experience and technology expertise to build effective solutions.

HPS provides outsourced support and services in various serviceable areas including support of production application...

Together, we identify challenges, explore opportunities, and build a plan for long-term growth